MDC's Tower Theater

MDC's Tower Theater
  • The Amazing Catfish

    The Amazing Catfish

    A lonely young woman named Claudia, who works in a supermarket to avoid loneliness, ends up in the hospital where she meets Martha. Martha gains Claudia's trust, and invites Claudia to go home with her after she leaves the hospital. Getting to know her family makes Claudia feel at ease and, for the first time, she experiences a sense of belonging in this peculiar little tribe… “this film is a beautiful celebration of life, love and family” Mark Saldana, True Reviews

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  • Le Chef

    Le Chef

    Jean Reno stars as a veteran chef who faces off against his restaurant group’s new CEO. When management tries to sabotage Reno's Michelin star, he brings in a younger chef (Michaël Youn) who specializes in molecular gastronomy. “In the world of culinary cinema, if Babette's Feast is a 10-oz. filet mignon and Eat Drink Man Woman is a 4-lb. lobster, then this French import registers as a delectable bonbon, small and insignificant but nevertheless sweet and satisfying.” Matt Brunson Creative Loafing

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  • Sandra (Vaghe stelle dell

    Sandra (Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa)

    Set in a Jewish family's palazzo in a small Tuscan town, the film tells the story a young Italian woman (Sandra) who returns to family home to unveil a headstone to her father, killed in a Nazi concentration camp, and there finds herself colliding with her and her brother (Gianni)’s secrets. "...a Verdi opera without the music.” – Time Out (London)

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